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As for Damon, he won’t exactly find himself grieving for anyone or anything. As Ian Somerhalder put it, “He’s pissed off. They’re stuck in a place they don’t want to be, and Damon’s fiercely loyal. He feels the need to get back to his family. They’re trying everything. They’re Scooby-Doo-ing that sh– like crazy.” However, don’t expect Damon and Bonnie’s situation to be devoid of fun. “You never really get to see these two together because they do have a lot of fun together,” he said. “Damon’s a goofy man. He likes to have fun, and Bonnie doesn’t take s–t from anyone anymore. She’s just been hammered for years by all these sort of supernatural elements and she just doesn’t take it anymore. It’s awesome.” And yes, some Bamon bonding will come as a result of their time together. “They definitely find some bonding time,” he said. “At the end of the day, even if they truly appear to hate one another, I mean, these two individuals have gone through a lot together.”

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Good news: I found a flat and it’s very clean and cute and has a reasonable price and I can have it; it’s close to the gym as well

Bad news: I may not be able to move in as soon by Saturday (very likely). I am not going to be miles away from my friends, but still, goodbye to late night talks. The owner seems lovely but a bit frigid (there’s only three people in the house, but there’s a schedule to use the bathroom in the mornings; the whole place was immaculate so I feel like I can’t ever let loose like you should be able to at home and also there’s rules on overnight visitors?? like your boyfriend can stay max twice a week but not two days in a row; oh and there’s a boiler in my room, so I’m guessing it’ll never be completely quiet.

Anyway, obviously beggars can’t be choosers and it is what it is and if it’s really not working out, it’s only minimum three months (though I’d need it for two, then be home for one and would then again need a stable place for the end of January cause that’s when my dissertation’s due so that sucks a bit).

But at least I found some kind of a place I guess..

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my current plans

i really don’t know what to do.

i’ve got so many uni deadlines looming and i literally cannot find a house to stay in. i have lowered any kind of levels about its condition and would go for anything within 30 minutes walking distance (cause bus money will add up!), under 400 and not a pedophile house and there is literally nothing. i am on the verge of taking my packed bags (cause i have lived out of a bag for a week now) and going home.

and not being able to find a place here makes me wonder how am i ever gonna find a place and london or la or any other place i want to go to if i can’t even do it here.

so so so so so fucked. i’ve texted every any kind of viable option now. (even slightly over my rent limit, even further etc) and i’ve heard back from three!

1. is actually too expensive but no choice, also haven’t seen photos so it may be a complete shithole when i get there
2. has been on spareroom for months now and is owned by two middleaged men which makes me really anxious
3. not only a student house with a shitty room, but it now turns out there’s guarantors etc something i want to avoid so that is actually a cancel

like these are my only two options??
if a miracle doesn’t happen and something new doesn’t show up online like tomorrow i’m either gonna have to live with pedophiles probably or rent a place i obviously cannot afford.

i’ve pretty much lost all my friends as well with this and i’m pretty sure they’re all thinking that she got an extension for a week as it is so if she hasn’t gotten it sorted out, it’s her problem so idk how many sofas i can really crash on at this point.

oh god guys, i have really fucked it up so bad this time.

there weren’t too many flats on offer to begin with but 2 were alright and i lost them. in all fairness like how do they go in a day? like do people not take any thinking time?

now there is nearly nothing at all. everything is either gone, i am not a suitable tenant, and not just ugly or far, but both!

i am either gonna be homeless or commit myself to living in somewhere for at least 6 months where i’ll be completely miserable

3 days left until Caroline’s tenacious return to #TVD!

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