my fixed tooth place is bleeding so i actually do need a dentist now and can’t get a time.

but on the plus side my runny nose isn’t as runny anymore. though on the downside, i’ve been developing a cough

(i don’t really do sick i turn into a child. i’ve been sickly for like 4 days now and i’m completely fed up with it)

also i’ve got a driving lesson with my driving instructor tomorrow (and then probably with my dad) and i still hate driving so fml why. 

oh and i finally bought my flights. i feel poor again. i’ve got like 150€ to last me 3 weeks which would be fine except i’ve got driving lessons to pay for.

Defan per episode | 3x01

i’ve finally got time and motivation to gif.

laptop shuts down and refuses to restart for ages every time i try to use photoshop

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Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin at 2014 US Opening Sightings 

“I had some really great scenes with Paul [Wesley] not too long ago, like last week,” he shared. “You definitely see some great stuff with those boys. It’s good when they’re not at one another’s throats.”

Ian also told Extra that Elena isn’t the only one Damon wants to see: “He just wants to get back home…It’s funny because it’s not just about Elena any more. It’s about his brother too.”

Ian Somerhalder (via wherevampiressaygoodnight)

The main reason I want to live alone is probably that I can take over the living room to dance to film credits in my PJs on a Saturday night without anyone judging me 

Defan per episode | 3x01

Defan per episode | 3x01